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At the beginning of this month, the NON ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS platform has released a new competition that is focused towards revealing new visions in designing a museum, named “Showing”.

This competition is the third competition released by the NON-Architecture Competitions from their first released; All the competitions are focused on challenging the students through the theme that is being proposed, where the students need to create innovative and unconventional projects.

The goal of these competitions as Luca De Stefano stated in an interview given for Art Out Platform, it is to bring fresh ideas in design. Furthermore, he stated that the students „are the most creative and fresh minds. They didn’t have to deal with all the conventions that regulate the profession yet. Their design concept is always very interesting.”http://artout.ro/reviste/blog/interview-with-luca-de-stefano-creative-director-non-architecture-competition/

The theme of this competition comes as a supplement to already existing architecture and design projects who revealed new ways to experience the museum, establishing a certain way of the museum’s architecture but also focusing on defining new ways of interaction and experience with the public.


More than this, these existence projects could be a point of reference for the students. More than that, in the same creative attitudes, the competition theme urged the students to create an artifact, merging considerable programmatic innovation and valuable design tool. The proposal can be a device, a piece of furniture, an interior design project, a pavilion, a building or urban plan.

There are awards offered by the NON ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS after a jury composed of architects:  Hector Garcia-Castrillo – Architect, BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group and William Lewis – Associate, RA, SHoP Architect will look over the projects enrolled in the competition and take a decision on the winners of this competition.  Further information for other members of the jury will be released soon!


Therefore, we invited you to subscribe to NON ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS to stay informed about this competition, to get tips and suggestions:  http://www.nonarchitecture.eu/showing/

Adriana Ciotău



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