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Once again, our partners from Hollywood Multiplex provided us with a chance to see a wonderful movie, to have a nice experience and enjoy an evening out. What is more interesting is to see what we have from this experience. Maybe we can learn, as the movie has it, to „be kind and have courage”.

You guessed it right, we went to see Cinderella.  But what do you know, just before the movies started, we were (more or less) surprised to watch Frozen Fever. I do want to be taken seriously, but I have Frozen Fever. I loved the movie and the music and getting the chance to see a short movie is just another plus.

Walt Disney’s Cinderella movie is actually one of the most interesting family movies to watch in early 2015. It has love, courage and kindness all wrapped around a gorgeous princess to be.

You cannot go wrong with bringing a classic back to life. You do not need much but to know that these are the golden stories we will always cherish. From the first moments of the movie, we could hear a familiar voice, that of Helena Bonham Carter, who was narrating the movie. She is my favourite actress and it was great to see yet another movie where she appears. Especially one produced by Sir Kenneth Branagh, her (first) husband. (she was not married to Tim Burton, so he remains the only one who can claim to have been married to her)

We don’t need big names, though this particular „villain” was a treat. The evil mother,Cate Blanchet, is not to be ignored as she makes the film intriguing by shaping it up with her bad attitude towards her second marriage daughter.

I don’t think there’s much point in telling you about the plot since we all know Cinderella. This time, „Ella” meets “Mister Kit” , a handsome apprentice. They both leave the encounter starstruck and thus all is set in motion.

Another thing, which may be one of the most significant for the girls-not the prince- but the shoes, which were comfortable by the way and that stunning dress Cinderella wore at the Ball. I don’t know if it’s the cinematography, the settings, the special effects or simply the outfits, but everything falls into place to create a magical realm, a place of wonder and joy, of neverending beauty. Oh, what I would not give to have those dresses in my closet.

All in all, the movie should be watched as it is invigorating for adults by reminding them of hope and true love and inspiring and alluring for the younger public. As you can expect, all’s well that ends well and they lived happily ever after… or did they? Go now and watch „Cinderella”, as it’s all worth it.

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