Tips and tricks on writing

I thought to share a short list of tips and tricks on writing:

– Always spell check before sending. No one wants to see that you didn’t take the time to do that
– Take the time to justify the text, use indentation and so on. It is way better for the article or piece you are writing to be pleasant for the eye.
– Use a title! There is no discussion on this one.
– Sign your name at the end of the piece. We wouldn’t want for it to get lost. And of course, that may not be the case, but it’s time lost for someone trying to figure out who wrote what
– Don’t forget that the comma comes right after a word, and after a comma there is a space. (like I just did here)
– It is important to have long, complex sentences but nobody can follow a 4-line sentence that goes like „… and, …. and… and”.
– Don’t forget to use linker words. You might have skipped this class in high school but they are really good. You can find a list of them here
– Always avoid „Nowadays” and „In today’s world”
– If you have the time, leave your piece for 2-3 days when it’s finished and review it afterwards. This way, you can distance yourself a bit and observe what might not be so good about it.
– Don’t try to use informal style unless you are sure you can pull that off. Not everyone can manage to write a good piece using „you know?” „you feel me?” „well, d’oh”.
– Don’t overuse questions. You can start with a question, use some rhetorical ones, but you cannot make a paragraph of just questions
– Using what it seems like anecdotes is good, as long as it stays on topic and makes the reader interested, as long as it proves a point.

Good luck!

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