Who wants change and who wants to change

Abstract: The article includes a personal opinion about Romania according to the author beliefs. The text reflects a subjective imagine about Romanians who lost step by step the social spirit as a part of a nation. At the same time, these words can be considered a source of motivation, a proof that people can still say free: I love you Romania, my country, my homeland!


Everyone has a place called home. A special place that follows that person everywhere. That place is Romania for me. Of course, in the late years, the patriotic feeling has decreased along with big dreams. It has become a house full of empty people. A stage full of bad actors and cheap scenarios followed by the barbarian habits. It is spited seeds everywhere, swear at every corner and laugh when a compatriot is in trouble. It has become a country full of Gypsies, mockery and indolence. Where the land is sold to strangers and there are no more authentic products sold on market.

I wonder when will you look in the mirror and say: NO MORE! It is true that the government is corrupt and that people do not have enough support, but they deserve their faith. People act like peasants while they are waiting for somebody else to educate them. It is wrong! It is wrong and Romanians cannot expect our leaders to be fair and civilized, if they will continue to act this way! Wake up Romania, sweet country of Nadia and civilized people! Happy birthday, sleeping nation!

Today, there is written just subjectively, directly, without ambiguous ways, without vague interpretations. How many are there still in this country? 17 million? Where are the rest? Why has diaspora influenced the political choices, through their vote? Why are just Romanians demanding the change? Are there people that do not have a piece of bread and some others who are paying billions for their lifestyle? Definitely, yes! Televisions have high rating for the entertaining TV shows, but all still think that we are full of culture; It is clearly, the country fails to the most important examination of European continent, scatterbrained, in actions and movements.



Through a short reminder: kids and teenagers are going to school and university after they only drank a huge bottle of water all day. Sadly, nobody undertands why students who work, they cannot arrive to classes of an academic system devoided of the last speck of moral and civic education. They are fake, in front of you they cannot find enough words for praising, while they talk bad behind your back.

Nothing will change anytime soon, because they do not make anything against it. Effectively, on this land lives a selfish nation that do not encourage the progress. Now, everybody sees the reality where the country is daily immersed in. People have everything, but they are hopeless, have less consciousness and less desire to continue! When Romanians will be proud because they represent Romania, maybe they will find their selves.

Where is that brother´s love? We went out on the streets and we screamed, in December 1989, FREEDOM. We embraced each other even though we did not know before, but we trusted in something better.

There were a revolutionary words for the reportages of Romanian Free Television. We got lost in many things on the road, and we are not able to find a solution for living together, peacefully.

The more the civilisation advances on the map

The more the human kind goes cold

It suffers from the Down syndrome

Of a cerebral thinking

For when I kiss my own hand

I see the Banishment

Of a nation struggling

To live in the illusion of an insolence it spawned itself

Through a textile mix

Loaded with complete and continuing disolution.

CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! Everywhere is written. Those are only words in the wind. People died for this country and what they did? Nothing. Yes,  contemporary society lives in a paradox: Romanians want a change, but nobody wants to change.

The psychological sense related there is a logical difference between to think and to do. The fact is the result of negative state of mind. All of us failed the exercise to show that there is another life, besides that of facing closed doors.

Where are the gold days? Where are people who lived to serve their country with pride and justice? I refuze to believe that we are a lost nation. Romania, lift your flag, the young generation wants you back!

Every time when it is spoken about Romania, I become nostalgic. New generation will come back and they will want to change. The Romanian architects from London, the doctors from Saudi Arabia or the strawberry pickers from South European countries; they are all united around the same purpose: good thought about Romania as a nation, behavior, spirit and unity.

I miss my country in that way that I miss myself. This nation misses people who say, you do not have to give up! I will take Romania with myself wherever I am. People of this part of world know that hope, patience and perseverence can be used for attaining the purpose: doing BIG things with a collective initiative.

Romania cannot be a super hero just in 27 years by free expresion, for demanding unity, a total. In time, we will do it! In this way, Titu Maiorescu, literary critic, said: In the fight between a true civilization and a powerful nation, the nation will dissapear, but never the truth…about people. Hence, through this article it is supposed to act like a human being with ourselves, Romanians from anywhere and to learn that it is mandatory to say: I love you Romania, my country, my homeland!

Bibliography: Titu, Maiorescu, Junimea și Convorbiri literare, 1886, In the fight between a true civilization and a powerful nation, the nation will dissapear, but never the truth…about people.

Article written by Dragoș Argint

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