Scarlet Aura with My Own Ghost in Nürnberg (Oct. 06 2017)

A hot night out

The club „Der Cult“ in Nürnberg hides behind an industrial area and some winding forest road at the outskirts of the city. The old industrial building, made of bricks and fashioned with a big crane hook above the audience, charms itself into the visitors hearts in its own, slightly grubby way. The evening starts early: “My Own Ghost”, female fronted Luxembourgian band, kicks off the evening with an energetic set. During the set the heat builds up and audience and band likewise are drenchedin sweat. The sound, in the beginning still a bit too loud, improves during the bands set.

After a short break Scarlet Aura, main act for the evening, take the stage. The Romanians are greeted with a warm welcome by the audience. With a lot of stage fog they kick off with a rendition of Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law”, fresh off their new album “Memories”. The crowdpleaser is followed by a series of own songs, including the new single “The Beast Within Me” and “My Own Nightmare”. As the fifth song is about to start, the heat has built up so much that the audience is countering it with loads of cold beer. The band has to take a break, get towels to wipe the sweat out of their faces. Aura later says “the lights were burning hot and everyone had the sweat run into their eyes. It was crazy!” After the cooldown Scarlet Aura launches into their DIO-Cover “Don’t talk to Strangers” and marches on through a tuned down “Eye of The Tiger” and a perfect rendition of “If IClose My Eyes Forever” to take another short towel break.

All the band members are working hard, sweating it out, banging heads, throwing hair. Sorin, hidden behind his drums and almost constantly in a cloud of stage smoke, smiles his way through the set. Aura, the charismatic front-woman, interacts with the audience and entertains with short, spontaneous announcements. Guitarist Mihai and bass-player Catalin lay out the melodic foundation for her vocals with precision and musicality. The evening reaches its first peak with a powerful rendition of the Crannberries’ “Zombie”, the chorus being shouted by the audience.

Another song, the band takes a bow and a short leave from stage, only to return seconds later. Both band and audience show want for more and it shall be delivered. The encore begins with a fierce rendition of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” which seamlessly goes into “Chasing White Horses”. The grand finale of the evening “All We Are” is once again sung by everyone together and flies by just as the whole concert seems way too short. Scarlet Aura takes a bow to the applause and heads off for a well earned cold drink.

Review and photos by Dennis Sahl

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